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Glen Luss Distillery, where old meets new…

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People have been drawn to Luss for over 1500 years. It was originally known as Clachan Dhu or ‘Dark Village’ as it hid in the shadows of the surrounding mountains. It wasn’t until the Christian missionaries arrived in the 6th century, led by St Kessog, that the township took on the current name of Luss, from the Gaelic word ‘lus’ which means herb or botanical. Other notable settlers to the area include the Colquhoun Clan, who have called Luss their home since the 12th century, with Rossdhu as their ancestral seat. And the 13th century saw the arrival of the Vikings; whose final resting place lies under the Hogsback in the grounds of Luss Parish Church.

Glen Luss Distillery will be the first experimental brewery & distillery on the shores of Loch Lomond, nestled in the heart of the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park. It will provide the township of Luss with an exciting year-round, all-weather, visitor experience to cater for the existing million+ tourists who visit annually. Our offering will complement the existing businesses in the area, supporting the diverse range of activities and experiences available within Luss.

Glen Luss Distillery will actively support the sustainable development of Luss by providing 26 full-time employment opportunities, as well as shorter term employment during additional phases of the project. Our ambition is to recruit 30% of our workforce from within the Luss and Arden Parish, and provide Modern Apprenticeships to support the development of the local population. Glen Luss Distillery will donate 5% of its profits annually, for a period of ten years from first profit to a Charitable Fund. Through this Charitable Fund, we will engage with local community groups to assist in the development of Community-Benefit Projects in the Luss and Arden area.

Glen Luss Distillery will aim to reduce the impact of over-tourism by working with the local community to support the forthcoming Traffic Management plan for Luss Village. This includes incorporating the proposed Village Green Space and New Car Park Facilities to the South of the township, which will promote the pedestrianisation of Luss.

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