Why not pour yourself a cheeky wee Dark'n'Stormy and check this out:
Well first off, the largest rum distillery in the world can produce around 100,000 litres EVERY DAY. We won't be making this much, as we believe in quality, not quantity.
Hows about we also hit you with some old fashioned nicknames for Rum: Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Navy Neaters, Nelson’s Blood, Barbados Water, Grog, Pirates Drink and Rumbullion. Sweet eh!
Talking of Sweet, Eighteenth century sailors were often PAID IN RUM.
Ok, let's get serious now: August is National Rum Month, and August 16th is National Rum Day. Rum is SO GOOD, it has a WHOLE MONTH dedicated to it. C'mon!
Keep you eyes peeled for more updates and facts about drinks, whilst we revel in the fact we didn't mention Captain Jack Sparrow once in this whole post.