Beer, is the third, yes THIRD most popular drink after water, and tea! > Statistical FACT.

Research by a famous Irish Brewery in 2000 revealed that roughly 162,719 pints of it’s beer are lost by being trapped in drinkers’ moustaches > Calculation FACT.

Beer is pretty much as old as human history (the first brewers of beer were probably the Sumerians around 10,000BC.) > Very difficult to prove FACT. (But that popular search engine (who's name rhymes with "Bugle") told us so we are taking it)

Viking warriors who made it to Valhalla after they died were gifted with beer > Mythology FACT (Probably not a FACT, but sweet nonetheless).

Viking facts are fun > FACT.

One FACT we are absolutely sure of, is that we love beer here at Glen Luss Craft Brewery and Distillery and cannot wait to get brewing!

If you love beer, let us know!

Stay tuned for more, Slainte!